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Diane C. Davis

Diane Davis

Office Manager
Since 1992

Contact Information
Phone: 408-942-6888 x343

Areas of Concentration:

Administrative staff and office management, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Building Administration, CPCO Financial Statements, Billing

Education and Credentials:

  • Evergreen Valley College, Associate in Arts degree, 1978

Community Activities:

  • Avon Walk 39, San Francisco participant, 8 years and counting – fundraising for and participating in the annual 2 day, 39.3-mile walk to end breast cancer.
  • Villages Medical Auxiliary (VMA) volunteer- Diane provides a variety of supportive roles for its fundraising events which in turn enable the VMA to continue to provide services to all Villagers in need, including but not limited to: transportation to medical appointments, loan of medical equipment, and occasional meal delivery.
  • Dedicated sharks fan since the beginning (1992).
  • Novice Golfer, soon to be expert – Diane has embarked on a new sporting journey in 2016 and enjoys learning to golf in her free time.
  • Home improvement and DIY enthusiast from painting to tearing out kitchen countertops.


What quality do you value in the work place?

Comradery, teamwork and collaboration; the opportunity to not only work alongside my coworkers but to also be able to develop relationships and build long-lasting friendships.

Is there any advice you would give to a person who is just starting out in your chosen career?

“Work hard and always go the extra mile.”

What motivated you to work for CPCO and stay?

The people – I love what I do! Over the years, CPCO has consistently and successfully, cultivated a great group of people who carry a mutual respect for each another and amongst each other. It takes all of us. We all play an equal part in the project at hand and we all work together as a team, with each member being just as important as the member next to him/her.

What is your favorite aspect of your profession?

“Working with the team.”

What is your favorite board game?

Mexican Train; a domino game played best in a group setting of four or more in which we all build from the same central domino hub. It’s a great way to get together and interact with friends and neighbors.”



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