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Geoffrey Wille

Staff Accountant
Since 2019

Contact Information
Phone: 408-942-6888 x360

Areas of Concentration:

Individual, Corporate and Partnership tax returns.

Education and Credentials:

  • Sonoma State University, B.S. Business Administration – Accounting Concentration, 2018


What is your dream vacation?

“My dream vacation would be getting to explore parts of the world that are completely new for me. The earth has so many entirely unique places in it, you could never see everything, but getting to experience unfamiliar areas and to be exposed to foreign cultures seems like an amazing way to spend my free time. I look forward to hopefully visiting as many areas of the world as I can.”

What about CPCO makes you most proud?

“The people of the firm are the best part of CPCO. Everything that we do is a team effort, and it helps to have dedicated, hardworking, and friendly people to work with. The firm has a great atmosphere and everyone is willing to help each other out in order to get the job done. Each person at the firm has their unique expertise and we all work together and use our individual strengths to solve complex problems. The people of CPCO make it a wonderful place to work.”

What inspires you?

“I am inspired by my need to improve myself as much as I can every day. I think it is important to have both professional and personal goals that you strive to accomplish, while also thinking about small changes you can make everyday to improve your life. I think it is important to look for inspiration in the things and people around you, and not to settle into complacency just because you are doing well. I think you can always find new sources of inspiration for personal growth.”



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