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Kassandra R. Cristobal

Kassandra Cristobal

Manager since 2022
CPA Since 2019

Contact Information
Phone: 408-942-6888 x347

Areas of Concentration:

Corporate, partnership, and individual tax returns, financial statement audits

Education and Credentials:

  • Sonoma State University, B.S. Business Administration – Accounting Concentration, 2017
  • Passed CPA Exam


What are you best known for and why?

“My head is in accounting but my soul is in food. While I do enjoy crunching numbers all day, nothing compares to crunching down on a well-made dessert. I am a foodie by heart (or stomach) and I am always looking forward to my next meal. Whether I am cooking it myself or going out, food is my passion.”

What keeps your clients coming back?

“Reliability and patience. Clients should feel that they can count on their professional advisers to be responsive and available to discuss complex issues that they may not understand. We have to remember that not only did we as CPAs go to school and take tests in our field, but we deal with the issues every day. Our clients, on the other hand, may think that tax code sounds like a foreign language, so we need to have the ability to not only do the work but to teach the theory.”

What quality do you value in the workplace?

“The desire for continuous improvement. I value a workplace which establishes a support system for development, such as the improvement of current business processes or promoting the education and qualifications of its employees. As individuals we should all strive to better ourselves little-by-little every day and I believe this sentiment holds true for the business world as well.”

What is your favorite part of the accounting profession?

“The organization of information. I enjoy taking the data, facts, and figures of a business and being able to organize it into a meaningful way. Categorizing this information allows me to better understand the financial situation of our clients and analyze it through the lens of tax regulations or business operations.”

Office Location

Crawford Pimentel
Certified Public Accountants
1550 The Alameda #211
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408) 942-6888
Fax: (408) 942-0194
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